Children of the Nile Enhanced Edition

Children of the Nile Enhanced Edition 1.3

Children of the Nile is a game where you build cities
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Children of the Nile is a game where you build cities. You are an Egyptian pharaoh, and your mission is to build great cities, every building required to sustain your people, servants, artisans and soldiers. You must build the most beautiful pyramid, where you will rest when you die, surrounded by all the gold and beatiful things that you have accumulated throughout your life.

To succeed in your mission, you will have to plan where you will put the plants that will feed your people, the houses where they will live, the official buildings, those destinated for the builders; and you will also need to maintain your army: where your soldiers will be quartered, how they should be fed, what weapons they will have etc.

There are many differences between the normal edition of this game and the Enhanced Edition. The latter is compatible with Windows Vista and Seven, it is possible now to construct brickyards, there are new statues, fountains, shrubberies, plazas, shrines, homes and other elements that can now be used. Traveling by roads is made faster, as well as the pyramid construction and the game in general.

In brief, Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition is a game that strategy gamers will enjoy.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is a very detailed simulation of the life in the Ancient Egypt


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